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Lim Law Group, P.C. stands for empowering its clients who have fallen victim to unfair and illegal treatment of others. Experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer Preston Lim strengthens, protects, and restores dignity to victims of business torts, unlawful employment practices by employers, and those who have been injured by the reckless, intentional, or careless act of others. We provide top-notch legal service and relentless representation in order to right the wrongs for our clients. From business litigation, employment, worker’s compensation, and personal injury, the trusted lawyers at Lim Law Group are committed to bringing aggressive advocacy, individualized service, and the best possible results.

Lim Law Group, P.C. is located on Wilshire in the center of Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA. The business litigation lawyers, employment lawyers, and personal injury lawyers of Lim Law Group have deep roots in the Koreatown community - the most densely populated, ethnically diverse district in Los Angeles, California.

Clients have trusted Lim Law Group to provide aggressive legal counsel and passionate representation to safeguard people’s rights, and to protect, enforce, and seek just compensation for their harm. We are tenacious and relentless. We seek any and all available remedies for the injured, and provide strength and guidance so that our clients may stand tall and fight for their rights. Lim Law Group levels the playing field with employers, the insurance companies, and the “big” defense law firms so that your voices can be heard.

Employment Law

Employers are required by law to treat employees fairly and justly. Sadly, employers in California are notorious for taking advantage of their employees by failing to provide the required minimum wage, overtime pay, and meal and rest breaks to name a few. We protect employees from being taken advantage of. Los Angeles employment attorney Preston Lim protects employees by pursuing all legal remedies for full compensation. Simply put, we make them pay.

Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured, it is your right to seek compensation for your harm from those who have caused it. The legal system provides such an outlet to make you whole for your injuries. People have a duty to keep you safe. If that duty is breached, it is against the law and you are entitled to seek damages. Whether you have been involved in an auto accident, have been hurt on someone’s property, or by someone else, the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers of Lim Law Group will fight to obtain justice and compensation you deserve.

Business Litigation

Litigation involving your business can have detrimental effects on your livelihood. The business litigation attorneys of Lim Law Group protect your business interests by pursuing compensation for those who have cheated and defrauded your business or by standing up to those who attack it.

Customized Representation

Protecting your rights is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Every case is different in its own right, because it involves different individuals, with distinct facts that affect people in different ways. As such, we provide the highest quality service that is customized and tailored for each client in order to maximize the financial compensation they are legally entitled to and rightfully deserve. We come from the most elite litigation boutique law firms in Los Angeles where we have gained institutional knowledge that the “big” law firms use to defend cases. Having such institutional knowledge provides us with insight into the opponent’s tactics and strategies, which we are able to anticipate and meticulously maneuver to do right by our clients. We are aggressive, highly knowledgeable and have been named Super Lawyers Rising Star within the legal community, an honor bestowed to no more than 2.5 percent of the top lawyers in California. Entrust us to fight for you.

Top-Notch Service

As a client of Lim Law Group, you are considered family. You will receive responsive legal representation from start to finish with direct access to our attorneys, including personal cell phones. We assist our clients from inception, guide them through the legal process, and provide support necessary to obtain justice for our clients. And most importantly, we listen to clients and help them understand the legal system. We are versatile and recognize that some cases require brute force, while other cases require some degree of finesse. In each and every case, we provide honest, straight-forward counsel, and give you realistic expectations regarding the outcome of your case.

Commitment to Your Cause

Los Angeles employment lawyer Preston Lim is committed to your cause. Clients often feel powerless when faced with a legal issue mainly because most people do not understand the process. With that comes fear that can spiral out of control, often consuming one’s life. We alleviate that fear by providing you with information and knowledge. We empower clients and become your trusted counsel. We help you to fully understand the nature of your dispute, the law, the risks and exposures, and provide a realistic expectation of the possible outcomes. With such knowledge and understanding, we sit down with our clients, face-to-face, listen to their story, and strategize to build the strongest offense or defense. We are dedicated to fighting for justice and finding resolution and compensation for you.

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The attorneys at Lim Law Group, P.C. have provided top-notch service to clients throughout Southern and Central California, including Koreatown, Orange County, Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Buena Park, Garden Grove, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Redlands, San Bernardino, Fontana, Beaumont, Cabazon, Bakersfield, and other counties throughout California. Become part of the family and obtain the justice you deserve.

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