Understanding Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment of any kind in the workplace is wrong. That is why it is important to report it if it ever happens to you. At Lim Law Group, P.C., we are compassionate advocates for workers in the greater Los Angeles area who have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment.

Our goal is to treat each client who comes to us like family. We will listen to you and help guide you through this tough process. We will be there for you and make sure you have your voice heard. We will work with you to build you a strong case and get your truth out.

What Is Considered Sexual Harassment?

When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, there are generally two categories:

Quid pro quo: In a quid pro quo situation, someone in your workplace is offering you a benefit, such as promotion, raise or better hours, for sexual favors. Other times you will be told that you will be fired unless you perform a sexual act.

Hostile work environment: If someone at your workplace is making sexual jokes toward you or about you, making sexual gestures, sending you sexual pictures, touching you, verbally harassing you, or showing you sexual images, all of these fall under sexual harassment.

If you have experienced any of these at your workplace, it is important to bring them up to the proper management personally right away. If a person in management is the one who is harassing you, or the management is doing nothing, it is important to contact a lawyer so they can be held liable.

We take each case seriously. We will investigate your claims and take the proper action to ensure you are protected and your rights are preserved. We are a results-based firm. Everyone deserves to work in a fair and safe environment, and we will stand by your side and be a compassionate legal advocate.

If You Have Been Sexually Harassed At Work, We Can Help

No one deserves to be subjected to such mistreatment. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with an experienced employment attorney, you can give us a call at 213-320-0941 or send us an email.