Age Discrimination In The Workplace

In California, it is illegal to treat someone different at work just because of their age. At Lim Law Group, P.C., we want to make sure that anyone who has been treated differently at work because of their age has the chance to tell their side of the story with the help of an experienced attorney.

What Is Considered Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination is when an employer has treated an employee unfairly — terminated, demoted or failed to consider someone for a promotion based on age. The age discrimination laws are not for younger people; they are put in place to protect workers over 40, which is considered a protected class. If this has happened to you, you have the right to fight back against your employer for lost wages, benefits and emotional injuries.

Our lawyer will go through the entire situation with you and get your side of the story. We will then investigate your claims and see if your employer has mistreated you based on your age. We treat each client like family, and will give you and your case the respect it deserves.

Discriminated Against Because Of Your Age? Give Us A Call.

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