Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

No matter the job, discrimination based on gender is unfair and illegal. If you feel you have received unequal treatment at your job, you need an attorney by your side who will be a strong advocate for you. At Lim Law Group, P.C., our No. 1 priority is making sure our clients in the greater Los Angeles area have their voices heard. No one deserves to be treated unfairly based on their gender.

I Have Been Discriminated Against Based On My Gender, Now What?

If you have been discriminated based on your gender, whether it was your boss not promoting you, considering you as a candidate, treating you unfairly or even paying you differently, you have the right to fight back. We can also help if you were discriminated against for being pregnant, which commonly occurs in the workplace. Our lawyer will take the time to go through the entire story with you and make sure we understand the whole picture. We will then craft a strong legal strategy that defends you and your rights.

Been Discriminated Against? Let Us help.

No one deserves to be treated differently based on their gender. For a free consultation call 213-320-0941 or send us an email.