Religious Discrimination

Under both federal and state law, it is illegal to discriminate against an employee based on certain beliefs, religion or religious practices, including religious dress or the need to observe religious holidays. This applies to each and every aspect of your employment, including hiring, compensation, job duties and assignments, scheduling, benefits, promotions, and termination. Employers are generally required to provide reasonable accommodations for employee's religious beliefs and/or practices on the job and in the workplace, if doing so would not case an undue hardship on the employer. It is also improper and may be illegal for an employer to inquire about your specific beliefs, religion, or religious practices. Often times, religious discrimination is closely related to race or national origin discrimination, as many cultures identify with a national religion. If an employer mistreats you or treats you unfairly because of your beliefs or based on your religious practices, you may have a strong claim for religious discrimination.

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It is imperative that you contact our office immediately if you believe you have a discrimination claim. There are strict deadlines that must be met when filing a discrimination lawsuit. For example under California law, employees must file with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) within one year of the discriminatory conduct. If you fail to do so, your claims may be time barred. If you believe you have fallen victim to discrimination, please contact Lim Law Group at 213-320-0941 for a free case evaluation.