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Key considerations re whistleblowing in California

Maybe you’re a researcher in a medical laboratory, and are bothered by your knowledge that company principals are falsely reporting results to government agencies to receive grant money.

Or perhaps it’s the case that you review billings for a care facility, and notice that charges being reported for patients receiving Medicare are grossly inflated.

There are myriad instances of employers’ misconduct and outright fraud that augment those examples, of course. Some companies purposely misclassify workers as independent contractors to illegally cut costs. Others intentionally skirt safety-linked duties in a manner that imperils their employees. Some managers permit -- even encourage -- harassing and/or discriminatory behaviors at the workplace.

Employers sometimes get away with such conduct. On other occasions, though, concerned and often courageous employees report it, either to company management or to defrauded entities (frequently federal or state agencies).

There can be risks in doing so. So-called “whistleblowers” are often retaliated against in various forms. A demotion or job firing is a common company response to an employee who steps forward to spotlight wrongdoing.

It is important for whistleblowers to note this key point concerning an employer’s retaliatory conduct: They don’t have to put up with it.

We duly note at the proven pro-employee Lim Law Group in Los Angeles that workers facing backlash for exposing corporate wrongdoing “have the right to seek justice.” There are strong state and federal laws that provide safeguards for whistleblowers, as well as compensate them for their courage in coming forward to report misconduct.

An experienced attorney with demonstrated acumen in representing workers in job-related matters can be an ideal sounding board for questions or concerns regarding retaliation and whistleblowing in California.

Workers have rights. Knowledgeable and aggressive legal counsel can help protect them.

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