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Do workplace relationships constitute sexual harassment?

There are countless stories of romances that start in workplaces here in California and around the country. Depending on the circumstances, many of those relationships have a positive outcome and many do not. These workplace relationships may seem very simple on the surface and even harmless, and while many of them are, there are those that actually involve sexual harassment. So how do employers and employees tell the difference? Experts are pointing to the recent departure of fast food chain McDonald's CEO as a cautionary tale.

"Criminal Minds" camera operator alleges sexual harassment

When people hear about sexual harassment in the workplace, they often assume the victim is a woman, but that isn't always the case. Men can also be targets for unwanted sexual attention while on the job, and they have the right, just like women, to not be treated that way. One male camera operator on the set of TV show "Criminal Minds" recently filed a suit here in California, showing how important it is for men to speak up when they experience sexual harassment. It can sometimes be difficult, but it is equally important as when a woman does so.

Study shows California has higher rate of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a nation-wide problem. Ever since the #MeToo movement, the news is rife with examples of both women and men being harassed by people in positions of power. Sexual harassment anywhere is unacceptable, but it is particularly hurtful within the workplace. Unfortunately, a recent study says California has higher rates sexual harassment than the rest of the nation. Experts have a few theories regarding this finding.

Two juries decide in favor of sexual harassment victims

When people go to work, they have a reasonable expectation of being treated fairly and in a manner that reinforces their safety. Certain laws exist to support those efforts and to hold employers accountable. If an employee experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, he or she has the right to pursue legal recourse against his or her employer. Two different California juries found in favor of the victims in two different sexual harassment cases this year, showing just how seriously the legal system takes these incidents.

California law mandates sexual harassment training for employees

Most people have certain aspects of their jobs that they dislike. For some, those factors can be much more serious than just a basic resistance to certain job functions. Some people are unfortunate enough to experience sexual harassment while at work. Though sexual harassment has been against the law for some time, it can be difficult to prevent. This is why lawmakers in California passed legislation that requires certain employees to have sexual harassment training.

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