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California wage theft case comes to a settlement

Many people stay in the same job because they love what they do. Others may stay in the same job because they worry that they will not be able to find anything else. Unfortunately, for those in the latter group, staying in positions with poor working conditions, including wage theft, is not unusual.

University of California can now be fined for wage theft

Employees depend on their employers for regular and consistent paychecks in order to pay their expenses. If those paychecks are delayed, it may not seem like a big deal to the employer, but it can wreak havoc on an employee's life. Most employers are subject to wage theft penalties if they carelessly and thoughtlessly fail to issue pay checks on an expected schedule. Until recently, the University of California was exempt from these penalties due to the fact that it is a public entity. However, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a law that the penalties will apply after UC failed to make proper payments to employees, with disastrous consequences for many of them.

Home-care workers with wage claims say elderly patients abused

Employees of all kinds deserve fair wages for their work. Though most employers are happy to properly compensate their workers, there are many who fail to do so. Interestingly, some employees who make a wage claim for inadequate pay also report that their employer mistreats clients of the business. This can be seen in the recent case here in California where a home-care business accused of failing to properly pay its employees has also come under fire for neglecting elderly residents.

Grocery workers may strike over wage and hour claims

These days, it can be difficult for families to make ends meet. Most people expect that if they work full time, they should be able to make enough money to provide for themselves and their loved ones. However, employees across industries report that higher costs of living and stagnant wages make that difficult. Some say that their employers are not properly compensating them for their work, by not paying them for hours worked or not providing them with proper meal and rest breaks. This is why grocery workers in Southern California are considering a strike.

Car wash fined $2M for wage and hour claims by multiple employees

In the modern job market, many people are grateful simply to be employed. This appreciation can sometimes cultivate a workplace atmosphere where employers feel emboldened to take advantage of employees. There are laws against doing this, but it still occurs in many workplaces which may lead employees to file varying wage and hour claims against employers. Recently, a car wash here in California was fined more than $2 million for what authorities say were wage theft violations.

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