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Bills address workplace discrimination in California

When people go to work, they expect to be treated with fairness and respect by their employer. However, this doesn't always happen, as many employees across California experience workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and other violations of employment law. One city is considering two bills that could help protect employees from poor treatment and they could have wider implications across the entire state.

Workplace discrimination: Phlebotomist awarded $1.5m

Employees should never have to feel unsafe at work, but unfortunately, many of them do. Some may feel as though they are judged for being a certain religion, sexuality, race or other protected class. This is what one phlebotomist at the University of California Los Angeles alleges happened to her, when she says she faced workplace discrimination due to her race.

Video game publisher accused of gender, workplace discrimination

Employees expect that they will be treated fairly by their employer. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens. Some employers will treat certain employees in ways that they do not deserve, simply because they are of a different gender, sexual orientation, religion or part of another protected class. Workplace discrimination laws exist to protect employees in those classes and to provide them with a path for legal recourse. A video game publisher, Riot Games, is contending with those issues as the company faces a civil lawsuit from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Age workplace discrimination is a hidden crisis

Age discrimination in the workplace is illegal, but that does not mean it does not exist. This form of workplace discrimination is not always as easy to spot as things like gender and racial discrimination. Many younger workers in California might even be under the impression that age discrimination is a thing of the past. Sadly, it is a real problem for many older workers, both those who are currently employed and who are actively seeking work.

Woman claims she experienced workplace discrimination at Netflix

Workplaces cannot discriminate against an employee for certain protected characteristics, including race, religion and gender. Pregnancy is also a protected class -- employers are not permitted to discriminate against an employee due to pregnancy. However, that is exactly what one woman here in California alleges regarding her former employer -- online entertainment giant Netflix. She says that she experienced workplace discrimination after she informed her boss that she was pregnant.

5 facts about workplace retaliation

Every employee in California has the right to stand up for themselves and their co-workers without fear of punishment from their employer. Retaliation happens when an employer punishes an employee for taking part in a "protected activity," and it is illegal. Here are five facts to help you recognize retaliation in your workplace

Senate bill targets workplace discrimination based on hairstyle

Employees have a reasonable expectation that they will be treated fairly by their employers. They expect that they will be judged primarily on their ability to fulfill their job descriptions. History has shown that, sadly, this is not always the case. Some employees face judgment pertaining to their race, sex, or religious beliefs. A new California Senate bill seeks to protect one other part of a person's life from workplace discrimination – the hairstyle that employees choose.

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