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The business and commercial litigation attorneys of Lim Law Group handle a full range of business litigation in Los Angeles and throughout California. Located in the heart of Koreatown in Los Angeles, California, the business and commercial litigation lawyers counsel clients in each and every stage of the litigation, including pre-litigation, litigation, and trial.

The business and commercial litigation lawyers of Lim Law Group understand that every business transaction is unique with its own inherent risks. Despite written agreements, contracts, terms and conditions, and warranties associated with each deal or business transaction, disputes are inevitable. We also understand that litigation can have devastating effects on any business and that the proper representation can make or break the company. To that end, the business litigation lawyers of Lim Law Group provide top quality legal work with a genuine commitment to a positive resolution and the ultimate survival of your business. With experienced lawyers from the most elite litigation and trial boutique law firms in Los Angeles, we bring fierce negotiating and superior trial skills to the table. We understand that no case is alike, and as such, your representation will be centered around you in order to maximize the best outcome.

We have represented various businesses in federal and state court. Our business litigation practice covers virtually every area of business torts and commercial litigation from small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Business litigation centers on an understanding of litigation risk and how it affects the overall business operations. We provide straight-forward counsel based on the specific facts and circumstances that are unique to each business objectives, challenges, and needs. We provide value-add, affordable, and effective representation.

At the initial consultation, we speak directly to the client, one-on-one, in order to understand the client’s business, what the business means to the client, how the problem arose, and discuss the best outcomes given the issues presented. We listen to our clients’ concerns and strategize a tailored legal approach that will meet the client’s goals, whether that be negotiating a quick settlement or preparing for and presenting our case for trial. At each step of the process, we provide a clear and open line of communication with the client. We explain each stage of the litigation, from pleadings, discovery, summary judgment, and trial. We take the time to speak with our clients, prepare them for the next stage of the litigation, explain the strength and weaknesses in the clients’ position, and implement thoroughly planned and creative strategies to litigate the case and ultimately obtain the best outcome.

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