Premises Liability

The Los Angeles personal injury premises liability lawyers of Lim Law Group, P.C. represent those who have been injured on the property owned by another. Whether you were injured by a slip and fall, or trip and fall accident, a wet floor, defective or missing railings, electrical accident, dog bites, damaged or unsafe stairs, or an uneven or rough surface, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries.

The Los Angeles personal injury premises liability lawyers of Lim Law Group have the knowledge and experience to build a successful case and can maximize your recovery. Liability against the property owner is established by establishing that the property owner acted negligently in keeping the property safe, or unreasonably creating a dangerous condition on the property. To that end, under California law, the property owner may be legally responsible if one of the following statements are true:

  1. The property owner or its agent caused the dangerous condition.

  2. The property owner or its agent knew about the dangerous condition but did nothing about it.

  3. The property owner or its agent should have known of the dangerous surface and a reasonable person who owns such a property would have discovered the dangerous condition and would have removed or repaired it.

In most premises liability cases, the third statement is the most prevalent and centers on whether the property owner maintained his/her duty of care in keeping the property safe. That duty of care, however, varies depending on whether the victim was a trespasser, an invitee and/or a customer. And whether the property owner acted reasonably in fulfilling his/her duty is a factual analysis. There are certain questions that can help in determining whether the property owner breached his/her duty of care and whether his/her actions (or inactions) were reasonable:

  1. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, had the dangerous condition been there long enough for the property owner to have known about it, or should have known about it?

  2. Was there a policy or procedure in place that required regular examination, cleaning, and/or repairing of the property? If so, did the property owner perform a regular examination, cleaning, and/or repairing of the property?

  3. If there was an object that caused you to trip and fall, was there a good reason for that object to have been there and were there no other safer alternatives?

  4. Could the object been placed elsewhere that would have made it more safe without much inconvenience and/or expense from the property owner?

  5. Was there adequate warning?

  6. Could a simple warning sign or barrier prevented the harm?

If you are able to answer these questions in the affirmative, you may have a claim and may be entitled to compensation for your harm.

The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys of Lim Law Group seek to bring you back to where you once were before the accident occurred – not only physically, but also emotionally, and financially.

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