Preston – My Go To Attorney

I have known Preston for 20 years on both a personal and professional level. Being a lawyer myself, I have come to know and develop many connections with other lawyers in the Los Angeles community. However, when it comes to my close friends/family who need legal/litigation services, Preston is the first person I will always recommend as I trust him to be honest, responsive, and resourceful. If he cannot handle the matter, he is always helpful in finding another attorney who he believes is better suited for the potential client. My wife and I recently retained Preston and his firm to represent us in a lawsuit against a large corporation whose agents misappropriated our images/properties in their videos. Upon hiring Preston and his firm, he was up front regarding the chances of prevailing and potential costs of litigation. However, Preston was able to effectively handle the matter quickly and resolve the dispute. Preston is an attorney you want on your side.

Andrew S. Kim

Best attorney!

Preston went above and beyond our expectations. He helped us tremendously with a very important contract negotiation process. He was there every step of the way with us and explained everything very throughly. He was on our side, did great work and thought of issues that never even crossed our minds. Preston does stellar work and he genuinely cares for his clients. Although the process was tedious and stressful for us as clients, Preston never gave up on us. He was meticulous, understanding, reassuring and worked hard. In the end, the result was fantastic. Simply put, Preston Lim is an attorney you want on your side advocating for you. Preston just gets it and that is hard to come by. He’s intelligence and ability as an attorney shows throughout the way he conducts himself and his sound advice. He is our go-to attorney!


A sharp, informative, patient and all around excellent attorney

This is a guy who will explain every step to you in a concise, and strategic manner. He’s one of the sharpest guys I’ve ever worked with and he makes no false promises. An extremely trustworthy attorney is hard to find and he is the gold standard.


Best Attorney! Extremely thorough and responsive.

Preston, is an honest, detail oriented attorney who we always trust with our legal matters. He most recently helped us through the negotiation and the sale of our businesses. Our contract was 60 pages long and Preston was extremely helpful in finding the deal favorable for our company. He was a pleasure to deal with through this process and very responsive with the short time frame we were given to complete the transaction. We would highly recommend him to our friends and family.


Wonderful legal advice and work

Preston was incredibly diligent, knowledgable and provided excellent legal work for our business needs. We were very happy with the outcome of his work, which he handled with precision, timeliness and elegance. He is someone you can trust and work with knowing that he has your best interests in mind. Often your desired outcome may result from a different strategy than one a non-legally minded individual would devise, and you can trust he will navigate the best course of action for you considering all factors involved.


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